5 Home Remedies to Help You Sleep Well

"A great day starts with a good nights sleep"- Unknown



In today’s society, sleep often takes a backseat to all of our other priorities. The result is a society of insomniacs. In fact, WebMD cites insomnia as Americans’ most common sleep complaint. But there are ways to combat wakefulness without resorting to prescription sleep aids. Here are five home remedies to help you sleep well.



Yoga. Research indicates that yoga or stretching, as well as meditation or deep breathing, can alleviate insomnia. Health.com suggests combining gentle yoga (versus a more energizing type) and simple meditation to get the most bang for your buck.



Aromatherapy. The aforementioned health website also promotes aromatherapy — specifically, lavender — as a natural sleep aid. Inhale the aroma from a couple of drops of minty lavender oil before bed, or lightly spritz lavender on your pillow.



Herbal tea. Another health website, eatingwell.com, touts the benefits of herbal teas, citing the warmth of the liquid as the reason they induce sleepiness. Try chamomile, passionflower or even so-called sleepytime tea.



Bedtime snacks. Having a snack before bed, particularly one that is high in carbs, can increase drowsiness, according to eatingwell.com. If you’re watching your late-night snacking, try for a carb-rich dinner and you should enjoy the same effects.



Lights and temp. The National Sleep Foundation recommends that you cut back the heat and set your thermostat to about 65 degrees Fahrenheit for optimal sleep. Also, make your room as dark as possible, which includes limiting light from electronic devices. Keep them in other parts of the house.



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