Care Instructions

Down has natural enemies. For instance, the humidity in your house, lotions, hair conditioners and the perspiration from your body all weigh down the filaments in down. If your pillow or comforter seems to be going flat, clumping, and/or separating, it is most likely moisture or oil robbing it of its original loft. Laundering the product should adequately clean it and bring back its original fluffiness; however, this is not a guarantee.  DO NOT DRY CLEAN. The chemicals used actually break down the composition of down fiber. The more you clean your product, the more you will actually cause breakdown of the natural product.  Therefore, spot cleaning is the best practice for cleaning down products. 

The At-Home Laundering Instructions

The “do-it-yourself” laundering approach is at your own risk and does void any warranty coverage.

We would highly recommend leaving the laundering to the professionals! However, if you are feeling brave, here’s how:

1. Use a large capacity front-loading washing machine. DO NOT use a top-loading washing machine.

2. Detergent must be an approved down-wash, such as Down Wash (by Le Blanc), or Dreft. DO NOT use Woolite.

3. Washing machine settings should be on cold water, and cycle should be DELICATE or HAND WASH.

4. After the first cycle is complete, run the cycle again without detergent to ensure all of the soap is removed.

5. Dry in a large capacity dryer at medium heat for a minimum of 6-8 hours, checking every 30 minutes to pull apart down clumps. When you think your comforter or pillow is dry, put it back into the dryer for one more cycle. DO NOT attempt to air dry since it will not dry quickly enough and will cause mildew.

In the event that you need your pillow “fluffed” up with more Ogallala® after it’s been laundered, we are happy to discuss how we can customize it for you!  Please refer to this link to view our Pillow Adjustment Service.


For Ogallala to Launder

Please send your bedding to:
Ogallala Comfort
ATTN: Launder & Adjustments
218 Prospector Drive
Ogallala, NE 69153

Pillow: $50 per pillow
Comforter: $70 for Queen and Twin sizes/ per comforter
Comforter : $80 for King and Larger/ per comforter

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