Refresh Your Room

If you're looking for an easy way to refresh your bedroom, consider updating your bedding. It's amazing how much of a difference new sheets, comforters, and pillows can make in creating a cozy and inviting space.

Dreaming of the Perfect Pillow?

The perfect pillow is a treasure and you probably put it in your suitcase when you go on trips. If you have one, you are fortunate.  There is nothing like having the perfect pillow already on your bed.  

Q & A with Wildflower Organics

What inspired you to purchase Wildflower? We have always been passionate about supporting small, local businesses and we realize the amazing impa...

4 Reasons You May Need A Mattress Enhancer

Ah, sleep. We can’t live without it, yet many of us struggle to get enough of it each night. So, what’s keeping us wide-eyed when we should be getting shut eye?

Anniversary Gift: Fail...

We don't "Kiss and Tell", but... we must share this story!
A milestone anniversary led “Kara” to the thoughtful gift of an Ogallala comforter because, "Nothing says love like Ogallala." Kara’s husband opened the anniversary gift and was confused. Afterall, there was a heatwave going on in Texas, and she got him

Overwhelm and Three Steps to a Fresh Start

I was done. Everyone needed something from me and I had nothing more to give. I could swear someone was breathing MY air. And, if you were in the vicinity, it was probably you. Burdened by the overwhelm of running a business, chasing three children, and trying to hold my marriage together, I had stretched myself too thin.

Stop Settling for 'eh' Sleep

Do you ever find yourself settling? Far too often we settle for less than we deserve. We are too tired to change our routine or improve our situati...


After you have wisely selected an Ogallala Comfort comforter and pillows, there are three more sustainable items you might want to consider purchas...

Designer Highlight: Cindy Montgomery

Luxury is in the fabric of who we are; which is why who we work with is just as important as the materials we use. Our commitment to quality and de...

Creating The Best Sleep Environment

Wake refreshed and maximize your sleep with these helpful tips for a dreamy night's rest.

Eat Better to Sleep Better

Your sleep pattern can be impacted by all kinds of factors. Hormones, stress, health issues, the wrong bedding, temperature, and even what you eat.

The Pros (& Cons!) Of Making Your Bed

If "we are what we repeatedly do", then the repeat action of making your bed every day could help to form good habits in your life.