When you have an under performing employee, they are fired or reassigned to work that moves the company toward growth.

Why don't we do that with our pillows?

Working in your area of genius is thrilling, but if you didn't sleep well, your cognitive function is compromised and your finest work not realized.

Lack of restful sleep may lead to poor health and accidents. You may get short tempered and hurt relationships. Science shows that life is better when we sleep well.

Make Sleep a Top Priority.

First, Tell Us about the Job you expect from a Pillow

We make pillows specifically for you. The way you sleep. Your personal preferences. Your shape. Everything.

Answer the questions below and keep score!

I want my pillow to:

1 = Conform to my body and be moldable

2 = Support my head but remain pliable

3 = Remain the same all night

Your Sleep Position

1 = Stomach, Back or Both

2 = Back, Stomach & Side

3 = Primarily on your Side

When I Vacation I use the

1 = Softest Pillow

2 = Not Too Firm, Not Too Soft Pillow

3 = Firmest Pillow

YouR body frame is

1 = Petite

2 = Medium

3 = Large

4 = Extra Large