Down 101

Down Clusters

Down clusters are the soft, three-dimensional puffs of fluff that form a fine layer under the tougher exterior feathers of a bird. Down acts as a thermal insulator to help keep birds comfortable in any climate.

Fill Power

Fill power is the amount of space one ounce of down will occupy.  The larger the down cluster, the higher the fill power is; taking up more space or volume. Therefore, your fluffiness, durability, quality and warmth also improve.

Fill Weight

Unlike fill power, fill weight has to do with how many ounces of down go into the product itself. The higher the number of ounces of down put into a comforter - the warmer, more voluminous, and fluffier your comforter will be.

Pillow Firmness

The fill weight of a pillow will determine its firmness (soft, medium, firm, and extra firm). The higher the number of ounces of down put into a pillow, the firmer and fluffier it will be. The pillow will also have higher durability, loft, quality, and longevity, as the firmness/ fill increases.

About Our Supplier

Our down supplier is both Oeko-Tex AND RDS certified to ensure animal welfare and chemical management.  Additionally, they are a bluesign system partner, which ensures the down we receive is the most responsible and safest available.

Cleaning Process

Down is a protein much like our hair so our supplier uses a very mild and safe detergent to wash all down. Following washing, the down is tested rigorously for fat and oil content. If there were residual detergent left on the down, then it would show up here and fail the fat and oil testing. Again, as a protein similar to our hair, the goal for cleanliness and performance is to clean the down thoroughly whilst keeping just the right amount of fat and oil so that the down remains resilient and lofty. Again, exactly like washing our hair, we don’t want to strip all the fat and oil because we’ll be left with brittle material that will break down easily in the product losing all performance very quickly. 

Dust Mites

All down products have to be in encased in a “down-proof” fabric that is so tightly weaved, it ensures that the down doesn’t come pouring out of it. (Please note you will have some natural “shedding” with any down product).
Due to the fabric having such a tight weave, this also means that it is very difficult for dust mites to pass through the fabric. Besides that, dust mites are not attracted to down and feathers - they are attracted to humid environments and shedding skin of humans & pets. Even though they won’t be attracted to your bedding, you can place your comforters and pillows on medium heat in the dryer every few weeks to take additional precautions.
We do not recommend getting dust mite protective covers because these generally won’t allow the product to breathe - defeating the purpose of our luxurious, moisture-wicking bedding.