Pennies Per Night Guarantee

We guarantee our products to be free from defects in the fabric and construction, materials and craftsmanship for just pennies per night. This warranty does not extend to the filling material inside of the products, as the life of a product really depends on personal use. Scrunching, bunching, and folding your product can break it down substantially over a period of years, and may diminish the loft of the filling material in general.

Cost of Product ÷ Years of Use ÷ 365 = Pennies Per Night

If your Ogallala product is found to be defective because of imperfect craftsmanship or materials during the time of the guarantee, Ogallala Comfort will repair or replace the product at the company's option. Defective products shall be shipped to Ogallala Comfort with the law tag and proof of purchase at the customer's expanse. Manufacturer will refund the shipping costs once the defective product is inspected and a determination made on validity. 

The use of a duvet cover, pillow protector, or mattress protector is required to maintain your warranty. We are not responsible for incidental damages, such as tears in the fabric, signs of abuse, improper care or cleaning, or for fabric worn by perspiration, oils, or fragrance. The product has to retain the Ogallala law label and care label. Coverage extends to the original consumer, from the date of purchase of this item or to the original gift recipient from the date of purchase. The consumer must have a copy of original invoice or this warranty is void.

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