Luxury Bedding

Down alone is no longer the standard. It's time we elevate our expectations and opt for a healthier night's rest that also benefits our environment.

Pennies Per Night Guarantee

Ogallala breathes easily. And you will too.

Find your most peaceful night’s rest with Ogallala Comfort. Our luxury bedding combines the comfort of down with the benefits of milkweed fiber to create bedding that will leave you breathing easier and protects Monarch Butterfly Habitat.

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Luxury bedding: The Fabric of our family

Herb Knudsen founded Ogallala Comfort over 30 years ago with a desire to build a legacy and lead the luxury bedding markets to do better, not just for their consumers, but our environment. Today his daughter, Debbie continues to build on that dream and inspires us to never settle and always keep striving to be better.

From our Family to Yours: Sleep Well and Breathe Easy

Standards of Excellence