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• Comforters so Breathable You May Not Have to Stick Your Foot Out
• Healthier Sleep – Free of Harmful Chemicals
• Naturally Hypoallergenic with Milkweed
• Saves Monarch Butterfly Habitat 

Luxury Bedding

From luxurious Ogallala® featherbeds to delicate crib blankets and plush comforters and pillows, everything we touch is made to be a peaceful, elegant part of your life. We pride ourselves on our hand-crafted approach to every piece we create and look forward to being a beautiful part of your home.

15 Year Guarantee

Ogallala breathes easily. And you will too.

Our unique Ogallala Blend is a naturally hypoallergenic blend of goose down and milkweed fibers that not only lets you sleep better but will leave you breathing easier, knowing you are helping to protect the Monarch Butterfly habitat. A revolutionary way for everyone to enjoy the luxury of down bedding, our Ogallala comforters, pillows and featherbeds create a soft, safe place to rest easy.

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Luxury bedding is in the fabric of our family

Family owned and second generation, Herb Knudsen started Ogallala Comfort with a dream over 31 years ago. A dream that could change the World. Having worked with milkweed at Standard Oil of Ohio, he fell in love with the plant and how the fiber could be used. After Herb purchased the concept from SOHIO, his daughter Debbie, was his first employee and is now leading the company into the future. We pride ourselves in our hand-crafted approach to every piece we create. We find joy in working WITH Nature to develop and deliver the sumptuous pillows and comforters we offer and look forward to being a lovely part of your home.

From our family, to yours: Sleep well and breathe easy.

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