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Consider your most triumphant moments. How did you reach them? Did you venture beyond your comfort zone? Success isn’t handed out freely; it demands effort. It's earned by tackling the tough tasks that others avoid, taking risks, and marching forward despite uncertainties, armed with courage and self-belief, even when support seems scarce.

As dreamers ourselves, we understand the dedication needed to confront significant opportunities that some perceive as hurdles. Over three decades ago, we reshaped the bedding industry by introducing Hypodown®.

Our Hypodown® stands as the pinnacle filling for foundational bedding, blending premium goose down and milkweed fiber for unparalleled comfort and quality.

Your foundational bedding sets the stage for a restful night. With heirloom down sleeping pillows, comforters, and mattress enhancers, you pave the way to accomplish your aspirations.

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Luxury bedding: The Fabric of our family

While the uses for milkweed are vast, Ogallala Comfort was the first business working to provide sleep that helps people lead their best lives and "Crush the Comfort Zone". Well rested people are more energized, set goals, and make plans to achieve them.

How do we know? What other people would start a MILKWEED business? Our goal is to lead the luxury foundational bedding market to empower people to be their best while helping monarch butterflies migrate to Mexico and supporting the rural communities that protect monarch habitat.

Second generation Milkweed Entrepreneur, Debbie Dekleva, is leading the Family Business that was started by her Father, Herb Knudsen, over 37 years ago.

The legacy continues and the dream inspires us to strive for excellence and help other World Changers sleep well and move THEIR dreams forward as well.

From our Family to Yours: Sleep Well and Crush the Comfort Zone

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