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Decorative Pillows

All of our Decorative Hypodown® pillows are crafted with a single layer of 230-thread count fabric and are edged with cotton piping. Use inside your favorite shams or use as a fabulous sleeping or travel pillow!
Our Decorative pillow inserts are filled with pure natural Hypodown®; our patented blend of 70% white goose down and 30% Syriaca Clusters. Syriaca is not a synthetic, nor is it used as a down-filler. Syriaca Clusters are hypoallergenic fibers from the pods of milkweed plants which stabilize components in down that cause allergic reactions. Hypodown® pillow inserts are more breathable, more durable, and wick moisture away from the body faster than down by itself (or synthetic down).
By purchasing Decorative Hypodown® pillows, you’re directly helping to save Monarch butterflies. Generations of Monarch butterflies migrate from Mexico to Canada and back again each year. They depend upon wild milkweed plants for their survival. When you purchase Hypodown® products you increase the demand for milkweed, help decrease the destruction of milkweed plants, and help restore Monarch butterfly populations.

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