5 Ways to Give Back While You Sleep

For the last 30 years, Ogallala Comfort has been dreaming big, helping people sleep and preserving Monarch Habitat while re-establishing a sustainable economy based on renewable natural resources. But what does that really mean? For us, it means that from planting to production, our products more than just feel good - they also do good.

When you choose to dream with Ogallala, you can rest assured knowing you have helped make a difference in the world & have given back to the environment around you.

The best thing? You can do all of that, with your eyes closed...


5 Ways You Can Give Back While You Sleep:

  1. Protect Monarch Habitat:

Monarch butterflies depend upon milkweed during their migration. Protecting and restoring wild milkweed stands in the United States and Canada is the only way to save the magnificent Monarch migration. Habitat restoration is our favorite use for seed and we supply large quantities for land reclamation, highway beautification and smaller quantities for personal butterfly gardens.

As the world’s largest supplier of wild-crafted, sustainably harvested milkweed products and raw materials, we are helping create a larger demand. Growing more Milkweed will help Monarchs survive the destruction of their natural habitats throughout the United States, Mexico, and Canada.

You help our cause by purchasing Milkweed products!

  1. Boost a Sustainable Economy:

We work with disadvantaged, rural communities and focus on Market Based Conservation in order to protect Monarch Habitat from urban sprawl and modern agriculture. We focus on Monarch Sustainability by helping people feed their families with the money they collect from hand picking milkweed pods.

Monarch caterpillars eat milkweed leaves as their sole food source. By paying people to collect milkweed pods, we create awareness of the monarch's plight and encourage people to protect their natural surroundings.

We firmly believe BOTH Monarchs and people should benefit from a healthy ecosystem.

  1. Provide Naturally Hypoallergenic Products:

We hand-craft our luxurious pillows and comforters with the help of Syriaca Clusters - the soft, light clusters that carry the seeds of the milkweed plant. Syriaca is not a synthetic, nor is it used as a down filler. It is the natural fiber from the milkweed plant and is non-treated. Milkweed traps and suppresses allergens found in down that cause allergic reactions; making the product naturally hypo-allergenic.

We also offer consumers confidence in our textiles according to Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX. This means you can rest assured that our products are protected against undesirable harmful substances. We're more than just down - We're luxurious, eco-friendly Hypodown. 

  1. Use Natural Resources:

Our parent company is Monarch Flyway and our goal is to preserve and help restore natural habitats by using the renewable natural resources around us to better our lives and the planet. Join us on our mission to embrace biodiversity and economic development by using creativity and our favorite renewable, natural resource: milkweed.

  1. Use RDS Certified Down:

Responsible Down Standard safeguards the welfare of geese and ducks that provide down & feathers for the products we all love. Our down is gathered from mature geese after they have been made into a bi-product (they are never live-plucked). We are 100% cruelty-free and, because our products come from a natural source, we want it to stay that way!


So next time your head hits the pillow... Sleep well knowing you are part of the solution when you choose Ogallala.


 - Blair Cissell