6 Ways to Impress Your Overnight Guests

Did you make a resolution to be a better host or hostess for your guests? Wanting to impress everyone that stays overnight at your house? Try out our tips to make sure your home makes every guest feel like they are staying at a five-star hotel. 


1. Clean the Clutter - The most important aspect of hosting is to make sure your guests feel welcomed in your home. The best way to make that happen is to have a space set aside specifically for them. Clean out the space of all the junk and clutter - so they feel like they weren't just thrown into your storage room. Then tackle the main areas your guests will visit - bathrooms, the kitchen & sitting/living room areas. You live in your mess and get used to it, but guests notice & will feel much more at home in a clean, organized space. 


2. Bedding is Everything - There is nothing more embarrassing than offering your guests a bed dressed in your kid's Ninja Turtle sheets. Grown up guests deserve grown up bedding. First off, we realize the mattress in your guest room is probably the first one you invested in before upgrading for yourself. This is where a mattress topper is a must. These create the fluffy base layer to make sure every guest sinks into sleep. Second, take a look at your flimsy, flat, stained back-up pillows and reconsider. Invest in pillows to pamper your guests; ones that maintain their lofty shape & give your guest room a put-together look. Finally, dress the bedding in soft, clean matching sheets (bonus points for higher thread count). Top with a billowy comforter wrapped in a beautiful duvet cover and your room will rival any luxury hotel.


3. Treat & Pamper - The best feeling is knowing the hostess/host have prepared for your arrival. One way to make sure every guest feels right at home is to make sure all the essentials are provided. Stock the bathroom with mini-sized toiletries ready for their use, in case they forgot anything in packing.  Plus don't forget breakfast treats ready in the morning, so when they rise - you'll shine. 


4. Think Local - Instead of worrying about preparing a gourmet dinner, we suggest you bring your local cuisine to your guests. The best part of traveling is experiencing new things, and your guests will be thrilled to try what your town has to offer. Order in the dishes all the locals rave about; those meals that don't come from a chain restaurant. It takes the pressure off of you deciding what to make and your guests will get to feel like they got a 'taste' of your city's best. Plus, less dishes in the end!


5. Use Your Senses -  It has been proven that the smell of a house can impact how welcoming it feels. Also it has been proven that everyone likes cookies (probably). Keep the easy, ready to bake, store bought cookies around to pop in the oven before guests arrive. That way you'll have sweets ready without much work, and also, the warm scent of dessert to make your place smell like heaven. 


6. It's All in the Details - By noticing all the little things, you can elevate your guest's stay from mediocre to perfection. In the guest room, write out your wifi password so your guests don't have to use their device data. If you have pets, be sure to provide a lint roller. Take note of how the light comes in the guest room windows, and if necessary, invest in blackout curtains to insure the best sleeping environment. Get really fancy by stocking current magazine, snacks & bottled water in their room. You'll be the hostess (above and beyond) the mostest!


Follow our advice and your guests will appreciate all the thought you put into their stay - so much so, they may never want to leave. Until you change the wifi password.


-Blair Cissell