Anniversary Gift: Fail...

We don't "Kiss and Tell", but... we must share this story!

A milestone anniversary led “Kara” to the thoughtful gift of an Ogallala comforter because, "Nothing says love like Ogallala." Kara’s husband opened the anniversary gift and was confused. Afterall, there was a heatwave going on in Texas, and she got him a down comforter. 

Despite the confusion they put the comforter on the bed. Kara goes to the other room to "slip into something more comfortable." When she returns to the bedroom, she discovers her husband is SLEEPING. 

After a full, restful night's sleep, her husband turns to her and asks, "Did you turn the air down?" Kara says, "No, it was the Ogallala comforter..." and laughs.

One of our previous ad slogans was, "Bedding so breathable, you don't have to stick your foot out." Our patented Hypodown® is a combination of goose down and milkweed fiber. Milkweed is a hollow fiber that wicks moisture away from your body. The fibers help regulate your body temperature so you don’t have to stick your foot out from under the covers to cool down.

Not only does the addition of milkweed fiber help you sleep better, using milkweed helps fuel the monarch butterfly migration, by protecting the milkweed plant, the only plant the monarch caterpillar will eat. 

So, next time you want to find the perfect gift, anniversary or otherwise, remember: "Nothing says love like Ogallala...".