Cozy up to Better Sleep

When choosing your bedding, it can be difficult to decide what type of comforter is right for you. Your values, body temperature, and budget all play a role in getting you the best night’s sleep.

Here’s a quick overview to help you see the difference between down bedding and down alternatives.

Down alternative comforters are stuffed with synthetic materials like polyester; and sometimes natural materials like silk, rayon, or cotton.

While they are typically less expensive, down alternatives have several drawbacks when considering them for your bedroom.

Disadvantages of Down Alternatives
• Tends to stick to perspiring skin
• Not as breathable
• Temperature sensitive
• Subject to dye migration
• Can cause skin irritation
• Prone to static & piling
• Fiber stiffens as it ages

Plus, in order to be at the same warmth level of a traditional down comforter, down alternatives must use MORE synthetic filling - making them the heavier of the two options.

Traditional Down comforters are filled with the insulating layer of “fluff” found under the feathers of ducks & geese.

Down comforters are known for their lofty look and superior levels of warmth. A down-filled comforter offers a great deal of warmth with minimal weight, and it is also breathable, a quality that helps it to wick moisture off your body to keep you warmer and more comfortable. Man-made fibers cannot match the natural insulating qualities of down, so traditional down comforters have superior warmth compared to synthetic bedding.

Disadvantages of a Traditional Down Comforter
• Not Hypoallergenic
• More Expensive

That’s where Ogallala Comfort Company bridged the gap by creating a naturally hypoallergenic product…

Ogallala Bedding is filled with a blend of goose down & milkweed fibers. These natural, hollow fibers keep you warm and transfer moisture away from your body while they trap and suppress allergens found in down that cause allergic reactions; making the product naturally hypoallergenic. The Ogallala Blend is so breathable, you may not even have to stick your foot out from under the covers!

Advantages of Ogallala Bedding

• Regulates Body Temperature
• More Breathability than traditional down
• Aids in Protecting & Preserving Monarch Butterfly Habitat
• Renewable /Recyclable / Eco-Friendly
• Hand-Made / Supports Local Small Business
• RDS certified Down
• Naturally Hypoallergenic
• Organic / All Natural/ Chemical & Dye Free

And while Ogallala bedding can be more expensive than down alternatives - it is an investment for your body & health. When you sleep more soundly, you are more productive at work and more pleasant at home!

Experience the Ogallala Difference.