Designer Highlight: Cindy Montgomery

Luxury is in the fabric of who we are; which is why who we work with is just as important as the materials we use. Our commitment to quality and details is the very reason we LOVE to work with Cindy Montgomery, an award-winning national designer out of New York. Cindy designs residential and commercial real estate both nationally and internationally.  Upholding every characteristic that we value- she is kind, smart, talented and above all, passionate in her work. Her love for design is evident in each project she completes and though she keeps busy; she graciously took the time to answer these questions for us.

Why did you choose design?

Cindy: Interior design, fashion, photography and cooking have always been passions of mine and, being raised in a family of entrepreneurs, creativity, imagination and innovation is built in my foundation. When I walk into a room, I immediately take in the colors, the spatial planning, the style and the textures, something that doesn't come naturally to everyone. When one's gift or talent is effortless, its easy to sense that it is not something to waste.  

Who/what is your design inspiration?  

Cindy: My creative influence is the sea, the sky and the sand, blending soothing and comfortable environments with my clients in mind.  I am not one to specifically design based on “trends” but incorporate trends in splashes, color and details - such as in artwork, throws, rugs or accessories.

Who are some of your favorite brands to work with and why?

Cindy: I can wholeheartedly say that Ogallala is one of my favorite luxury brands. Creating luxury style and comfort for my clients in their homes is always rewarding.  My clients deserve the best in both product and design.  Many of my clients trust me to find rare and luxurious products they would not otherwise find on their own.  The highest price doesn’t determine inherent higher quality. The quality of product and natural workmanship is infinitely more important than the price tag every single time. Whether I am designing a model home, a new home purchase or refreshing any existing space that includes bedrooms and or the need for accent pillows Ogallala is my first and only source, (I look no further).  After my clients sleep one night in their new beds they buy Ogallala for their other residences.  

I design and manufacture custom “Made in America” furniture that is built and manufactured in N.C. and I am so pleased that Ogallala will be manufacturing the inserts for my custom line. I am anticipating a successful joint venture and look forward to offering to my clients who want the very best in design and luxury they deserve and pay for.

How do you choose a brand?

Cindy: I choose a brand by research and experience. I "scour the earth" for luxury, green/sustainable, ideally “Made-in-America” products, wherever possible. It's an added bonus if I can support independent or “family-owned” businesses that are producing impeccable products. 

As a designer, you choose décor to fit your client’s taste- but what is your personal style?

Cindy: Ha! My personal style is classic, sophisticated and sexy (never TOO revealing).  :) A great designer should always leave room for interpretation in the form of little surprises to leave your client and their audience/guests with conversation starters and ultimately a desire for more of you and an appreciation for great design.  My motto is "Live a beautifully designed life” and my tagline for my company is "A luxury and Lifestyle Design Group” because in my book, luxury and lifestyle are complementary.

What is your favorite thing/part of being a designer?

Cindy: It's all about my clients, the people I have the distinct privilege to serve through beautiful, functional design. My greatest reward is my clients' joy and reaction to their new or transformed space. Clients are often very involved in the selection process so their emotional reaction is intensified by my “No Peeking Rule” prior to the design install and I live for the happy tears and joy they express as they experience the reveal.

Clearly, the love between our brands is mutual. I know that I have enjoyed getting to know Cindy Montgomery and hope you take the time to learn more about her and the beautiful spaces she creates.  You can read more about Cindy Montgomery through her website at “A Luxury and Lifestyle Design Group”.