Holiday Gift Guide

Having trouble deciding what to get everyone for Christmas? Ogallala can help make sure you're the best gift giver this season for anyone on your list... 


For the In-Laws:

We know they are hard to buy for & there is added pressure to impress. So for the in-laws, our pillows are the perfect gift. Every pillow is customizable in size, fill-power & firmness for a truly one-of-a-kind present. They'll be amazed you bought them something so luxurious, thus earning you some brownie points. Plus, you can brag about how your purchase also helped the environment, and supported a local/small business. (Man, you're amazing!) AND - they both will love them so much they'll want to get back home to their own bed instead of staying with you. (Maybe, this is a gift for you, too!)


For Your New Grandson:

We know that grandchildren are precious and we want to make sure they get all the snuggles they deserve. Our crib bedding can help your little ones sleep like a baby - maybe even through the night! Our Fiona comforter is organic, unbleached and undyed to make sure its safe for all your kiddos. This is perfect for your little dreamers and the parents worried about them being comfortable on their own during the night. 


For Your Significant Other:

We know some couples that have an ongoing battle over the thermostat and the temperature of their home. We have a gift that can help make peace. Our comforters come in a variety of warmth levels so the hot-blooded and always frozen can get what they want. Our Flora comforter comes in an extra-lightweight fill, so its perfect for warmer climates (and warmer people!). All our other collections you can choose lightweight or warm depending on your preference for sleeping. OR, we can also completely customize one comforter to be filled one side warm and one side lightweight for a win/win situation. This way you both can get exactly what you want - a full night of rest.


For Your Eco-Minded Daughter:

Our Wildwood Collection is organic, eco-friendly, undyed, unbleached and chemical-free, making it the perfect gift for anyone worried about the environment or who maintains a holistic approach to life. It's also perfect for those that suffer from allergies - as all of our bedding is naturally hypoallergenic. Plus, our company is striving to help the Monarch butterfly by sustaining and preserving their natural habitat with every purchase. Everything at Ogallala (but especially the Wildwood collection) puts nothing unnatural between you and nature's most peaceful sleep.


For Anyone with Pain:

We recommend trying Milkweed Balm - a product patented by our sister company, Monarch Flyway. This natural, topical oil has proven results of relieving pain and restoring mobility. Using the organic qualities of milkweed, this balm has helped with everything from minor aches and pains, to arthritis, cancer pain, migraines and headaches, sports injuries, neuropathy and more! Check out the testimonies and give the gift of healing this Christmas season.


For You:

Let's face it, after all this shopping you deserve a treat too! Our Hypodown Featherbeds are the epitome of luxury & since you're on the 'Nice List', we think it should be yours. Each featherbed is designed to cushion pressure points, improve circulation, and relax your muscles. These things are so fluffy - you will literally sink into your bed and feel like you're wrapped in a cloud. It also gives your bed that picture-worthy, lofty look. Gift yourself with a good night's sleep and start the new year off on the right (perfect) side of the bed.


The good news is - you still have time to order and have everything arrive in time for Christmas. (order by December 15th!) Be sure to take note of our additional sales as well! 15% off through December 28th and BOGO 60% off going on now! Get to shopping so you can get to sleeping!


-Blair Cissell