New Year, New Blog!

I know, I know - we all get a little tired of seeing everyone's New Year's resolutions plastered all over Facebook when, let's be honest, they most likely won't survive until February.  But we promise that this one will last much longer!  

2017 is such an exciting year for us at Ogallala Comfort Company.  We have teamed up with the amazing crew at GRIT Advertising Agency to completely revamp and refresh our brand.  What exactly does this mean?  Updated, improved product line, fresh photography, new, exciting material for you social media lovers, and that's only scratching the surface!  We thought it would only make sense to add a new blog to that list - one that gives you more of an insight on who we are, what happens behind the scenes, our travel adventures, and anything else our readers would like to see.

Check back soon so we can tell you how we got started 30 years ago, why our Founder & CEO decided to chase his (what some would call "crazy") dream, and why we're so passionate about what we do.  Until then, good luck on those New Year's resolutions - you got this! ;)

 The team!