Q & A with Wildflower Organics

  1. What inspired you to purchase Wildflower? We have always been passionate about supporting small, local businesses and we realize the amazing impact they have on shaping the fabric of a community. Wildflower presented a unique opportunity to marry our interest in owning a small business with a commitment to helping people source beautiful, ethically produced, high quality products.
  1. Who/what is your design inspiration? Our inspiration comes from a variety of sources. We look to the beauty of nature and how it is ever-changing. We reference human creative elements that have shaped history and architecture. And, we're infinitely inspired by the current world culture - it's amazing to see the number of artists who have found ways to make beautiful, upcycled fashion and one-of-a-kind pieces from reclaimed materials.
  1. Who are some of your favorite brands to work with, and why? Our favorite brands are those that combine an old world craftsmanship with a conscious eye toward ecologically sound production. To name a few - Ogallala, Libeco Home, Hawkins New York, Evangeline Linens, SDH, Cisco, Verellen, and Bella Notte.
  1. How do you choose a brand? The first thing we consider is how a product is produced -- is it done in an ethical and sustainable way, and where do their raw materials come from? We also want to know who they envision as the consumer and how they see their product in a retail environment -- do they support and protect the small business community? And, does the aesthetic and quality of the product push the bar for what our clients have come to expect from us? 
  1. As a specialty store owner, do you find it difficult to choose decor that may not be your taste, but would appeal to your clientele? Truthfully, I don't find it difficult. The key for me is to accept and embrace that I don't know everything. Creativity is subjective. There may be pieces that aren't my personal aesthetic, but we try to foster a collaborative environment amongst the team and their collective creativity is paramount to our ability to curate a diverse range of products that fall in line with the values we uphold when buying and experimenting with new lines. 
  1. Can you tell me a little bit about what makes your store so unique? Our principal focus is having the best team in the business. We're constantly striving to equip our team with essential product knowledge so they can apply a thoughtful eye to co-create alongside their clients. We never want Wildflower to feel like a traditional retail environment. Our goal is to cultivate a space that is intended to be playful and free and interesting. We never want to stop pushing our creative boundaries.