The Pros (& Cons!) Of Making Your Bed

The Benefits:

If "we are what we repeatedly do", then the repeat action of making your bed every day could help to form good habits in your life. If you can get up and start your day, being proactive & disciplined - think of the other areas of your life those virtues can blend into. This could be why this is one of the required daily tasks in military life - they understand that discipline in the small things matters.  There are lots of things in life you can't control, but why not take the reign on the little things you can?

It can also help improve general anxiety and stress and improve your overall mood. A made bed will help your whole bedroom look more put together and clean (or motivate you to keep more of it clean!). Living in a state of disorganization is proven to lead to more stress, whereas taking time to make your bed shows you care about yourself and your home and environment. It truly can help lighten the feeling of being overwhelmed and stressed. 

Finally, a made bed is inviting. It seems cleaner (even if you haven't changed your sheets) and will entice you to crawl into bed sooner each night. There's nothing quite like sliding into a freshly made bed with fluffed pillows at the end of a long day. 

The  Negative:  

The case for not making your bed is microscopic in size - namely dust mites. These tiny little "friends" thrive in warm, dark, environments with increased moisture - which describes a made bed. Some say that leaving your bed unmade helps to eliminate the mites by increasing light exposure and decreasing moisture.  One could argue that sticking to a schedule of washing your linens ever 1-2 weeks, as recommended, could aid in mite removal as well. 

The Best of Both Worlds: 

Truly it is a personal preference. There is no scientific proof that one or the other leads to better sleep. So pick a side and hope to rest easy. 

We recommend (of course!) that you make your bed with Ogallala. All the benefits and none of the worries.  We are hypoallergenic, luxury, organic bedding that sleeps like a dream. Plus the fluffy, lofty look is designed to make your bed look beautiful and also is designed for the perfect sleep.