As much as we'd like to consider it "vintage", our company sign has been up for over 30 years and didn't quite age as well as we would have liked (I wish I could insert an emoji here).  Designing our shiny, new signs was a lot of fun but once we returned to our showroom all bright-eyed and full of creativity, we knew that it needed some new life breathed into it as well.  

Side note: all of this was decided while the bosses were traveling for the week. SURPRISE!

Being located in a rural, ranching community of 5,000 people, you can probably assume the bulk of our business is not in store. Instead, we shift our focus to maintaining a significant online presence and making sure your incredible Hypodown products are quickly out our door and into yours! Have I mentioned that we make everything to order? You won't find your product sitting on a dusty shelf here! You'll find it being carefully hand-crafted by the skilled members of our production team. You, our wonderful and faithful customers, sure keep us busy (thank you!), but who says we can't make time for a little wallpaper removal? Check out a little "behind the scenes" remodel in action and check back soon for the finished product!

-your Ogallala Comfort Company crew