The best dreams don’t end when you wake up. They start with a vision.

Our vision was to build a lasting world of comfort into a reality.

And, unlike some dreams, they didn’t happen overnight; we didn’t spend over three decades cutting corners and borrowing from future generations. Instead, we’ve spent them hand-picking, hand-sewing, and hand- packing premium, beautifully designed bedding.

But we didn’t stop at premium products. We also dedicate our time cultivating economies of the people who personally touch our products and we enrich the environment for the butterflies who depend on us. This makes our product the most innovative in the market.

We spend almost a third of our lives asleep. That’s why we believe that everyone deserves a luxurious night’s rest, and it’s why we ensure we have a hand in every part of the process.


Milkweed fibers—which are found in the seedpods of milkweed plants—stabilize the components in goose down that can cause allergic reactions. But collecting them isn’t easy. Every year, there’s only one four-to six-week window in which milkweed seedpods can be harvested. So we partner with rural communities all over the United States and hire hundreds of locals to handpick the seedpods and ship them back to us in Ogallala, Nebraska. Then, our team gets to work unloading the trucks, hand-building drying racks and flipping the bags of milkweed to ensure the seedpods are evenly dried before we use them to create our Ogallala®.


Once we’ve gathered our milkweed pods, we send them through a processor we’ve custom engineered to separate the milkweed fibers from the milkweed seeds without damaging any of the fibers in the process. Then, we combine those fibers with the finest ethically sourced white goose down to create Ogallala®.


Every single one of our products is made to order. We start with high-quality, high-thread count cotton shells and fill them with our Ogallala® Blend that is only made with down that is RDS (Responsible Down Standard) Certified.  And we hand-finish, inspect and fluff every single pillow, featherbed and duvet before sending it out into the world to do what it was designed to—provide the most relaxing sleep imaginable.



As the world’s largest supplier of wild-crafted, sustainably harvested milkweed products and raw materials, we are helping create a larger demand. Monarch butterflies will only lay their eggs on milkweed plants. And as land in the US has been cultivated for farming or developed for housing, the reduction in the milkweed supply has made the Monarchs’ future an uncertain one. By encouraging the growth of milkweed, we’re aiming to support a sustainable habitat for the Monarchs for many generations to come.

Ready to make your bed with Ogallala Comfort? Make a bed that makes a difference.