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Looking to add a sustainable, luxury brand to your offerings? 
Why Choose Ogallala
  • We provide sustainable bedding that will last for years.
    • This decreases the amount of product going in the garbage, allowing us to help protect our planet.
    • This decreases the amount of money you (your customer) spend overall, by providing an insert that will last, oppose to replacing it every couple of years and spending more money.
  • We provide a healthy night’s rest.
    • We utilize fabrics free of harmful chemicals, such as all-purpose dyes that cause skin irritants, formaldehyde and any other chemical harmful to your health.
    • We add 30% milkweed fiber to our bedding because it is naturally hypoallergenic (without adding any chemicals), is more breathable, wicks moisture away from the body to regulate your temperature as you sleep, keeps away dust mites typically found in down, and adds more support to down to help keep your body in the proper alignment.
  • We believe in giving back.
    • By finding a purpose for Milkweed, we can protect Monarch Butterfly Habitat, as well as increase the number of plants found between Canada and Mexico. The Monarch Butterfly is on the verge of becoming endangered and we feel very passionately about giving back to our environment to help protect them.
    • We can give back to underserved communities by providing an additional source of income through pod collections.
    • We only use RDS certified down to ensure that the geese were ethically treated (clean, fed, housed nicely and not tortured) RDS also certifies that no part of the goose was wasted.
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