Enjoy the luxury of an Ogallala Comfort while relaxing seaside on your beautiful yacht.

Ogallala Comfort’s Blend of 30% Milkweed Fibers and 70% White Goose Down enables our bedding to be lighter and more breathable than down or down alternative products. The hollow silk-like feature of the Milkweed Fiber adds loft and warmth without adding weight and it wicks moisture away from the body; giving you a more temperature regulated nights rest. 

Ogallala Comfort ~ Sleep Like you are on Vacation



How to Measure Your Custom Yacht Bedding


As a yacht owner, you likely spend much of your time on the water and away from your comfortable bed at home. We truly believe that your vacation should be relaxing and restorative; which is why we recommend investing in your bedding.

For some beds, you may be able to order standard size bedding and be okay; however, for many yachts there are going to be some custom measurements. Let’s start with the V-Berth (head of the boat) shaped bedding.


How to Measure a Traditional Symmetric V-Berth Shape:

Step 1: Measure the Head Width. 

Step 2: Measure the Total Length between the Foot and Head.

Step 3: Measure the Foot Width. 

Step 4: Measure the Mattress Depth.

Step 5: Provide the Measurements to us. 


How to Measure a Rounded or Asymmetrical V Berth Shape:


Step 1: Measure Total Length.

Step 2: Measure Head Width.

Step 3: Measure Foot Width.

Step 4: Measure the Length of all Sides (Side Lengths).

Step 5: For each Side Length, also measure the Total Width at that point.

Step 6: For each Side Length also measure the Length from the Foot where the Side Width changes.

Step 7: Measure the (Head Left), (Head Right), (Foot Left), and (Foot Right).

Step 8: Provide the Measurements to us.