1. Can I return my product?

  • Please click here to view our Return Policy.

2. Do you have a warranty or guarantee policy?

  • Yes, we do!  Please refer to this link to view our product Guarantee.

3. How do I clean my comforter (or pillow)?  Can I wash and dry my comforter (or pillow) at home?

  • Yes; however, the more you clean your product, the more you will actually cause breakdown of the natural product.  Therefore, spot cleaning is the best practice for cleaning down products. Also, the do-it-yourself approach is at your own risk and voids the warranty coverage. A key sign that your product needs to be laundered if it is flattening, clumping, or separating.  In the event that you need to do a major cleaning, we highly recommend a professional launderer familiar with down. DO NOT DRY CLEAN. The chemicals used actually break down the composition of down fiber. When professional laundering is needed to keep your Ogallala product luxurious, we recommend Blanc Plume French Laundry +1-800-307-0229 for guaranteed cleaning results.  Or, please refer to this link for product Care Instructions.  

4. I have had my pillow for a number of years and it isn't as fluffy anymore.  Is there a way to fix this?

  • Down has natural enemies. For instance, the humidity in your house, lotions, hair conditioners and the perspiration from your body all weigh down the filaments in down. If your pillow or comforter seems to be going flat, clumping, and/or separating, it is most likely moisture or oil robbing it of its original loft. Laundering the product should adequately clean it and bring back its original fluffiness; however, this is not a guarantee.  (We recommend Blanc Plume French Laundry +1-800-307-0229 for guaranteed cleaning results; or, please refer to this link for product Care Instructions).

5. Do I need to put my down comforter in a duvet cover or something to protect it?

  • It may be tempting to use your down without covering it, but it needs protection. Duvet covers protect your investment and are like a big pillow case for your comforter. It helps keep the “Loft Bandits” from getting into the down. Please note that improper care will cause a shortened life span for your products and voids all guarantees

6. How do I figure out what size duvet cover I need for my Ogallala comforter?

  • You have probably discovered that there are many different sizes of down comforters and duvet covers but, more often than not, they don’t seem to match up??  For example, a Full/Queen down comforter can measure anywhere from 80” x 88” to 92 x 96.  Therefore, it may seem very overwhelming to figure out what size of duvet cover will work for you!  Not to worry, Ogallala’s Dream Team is here to the rescue!
    • Look for a duvet cover at least 2 – 4” smaller than your down comforter (length and width).  That’s right, you want your comforter to be larger than the duvet cover!  This will help prevent the comforter from shifting and will make your duvet cover fuller without the pesky, loose fabric at the edges.  
    • Please note: duvet covers typically shrink between 3 – 5% once washed.  We recommend a 100% cotton or linen duvet cover for breathability.
      • Ogallala’s comforters come with loops on the corners; therefore, we highly recommend looking for a duvet cover that has ties sewn on the corners to fasten them to the loops!
        • If you are having trouble finding a duvet cover 2 – 4” smaller than your down comforter, don’t fret!  A few of our own Dream Team members have comforters that are 6 – 8” larger than their duvet covers!  It creates a REALLY fluffy look, and thanks to our comforter loops, it doesn’t move around. This also helps avoid unwanted bunching inside of the comforter.

        7. What if I’m not happy with the firmness of my pillow?  Can I get it adjusted?

        • Yes!  If you aren’t happy with the firmness of your Ogallala pillow, we will gladly customize it to your preference.  Please refer to this link to view our Pillow Adjustment Service.

        8. Am I able to make adjustments to any other products?

        • Unfortunately, we are unable to adjust Comforters, Ogallala blend featherbeds, and custom products.

        9. I am highly allergic to down.  What if I have an allergic reaction to your products as well?

        • Allergens come in many forms. If you have not had an allergic reaction to our Ogallala® products in the first 30 days of use, we believe the problem is from some other culprit in your environment. Ogallala® products have been allergy tested and should remain reaction free.  Rest easy, knowing that our signature milkweed fiber is not a synthetic, nor is it used as a down filler. It is the natural fiber from the milkweed plant and is non-treated. Milkweed traps and suppresses allergens found in down that cause allergic reactions; making the product naturally hypoallergenic!

        10. I worry about dust mites getting into my comforter (or pillow), is there a way to prevent them?

        • Not to worry!  Alleviate your worries about dust mites by reading the facts here

        11. What does fill power mean?

        • This is a very common question!  Get all of your questions answered about fill power here

        12. What does fill weight mean?

        • Fill weight determines the warmth level of a comforter and the firmness of a pillow.  Find a quick explanation about fill weight here

        13. Is your down RDS certified (Responsible Down Standard)?

        • Yes!  Ethically harvested goose down is very important to us.  Ogallala Comfort strives to give back to the environment and the economy; the healthy welfare of animals is imperative to our mission and message.