Dare to Stand Out and be Unique

With Ogallala Comfort you will be pampered with one-of-a-kind experiences beginning with an assessment from our highly qualified sleep specialists to help determine the perfect bedding for your sleep preferences. After selecting the perfect bedding for your sleep requirements, your order will be specially made. We do not believe in mass production and instead choose to create each luxury item at the time of purchase. Though we are confident with our recommendations, each person’s sleep is unique- once you receive your pillow, you have 30 days to love it, or we will adjust it for free within those 30 days. With each step, we encourage you to elevate your expectations and indulge yourself with the absolute best.

Innovation is the Future

Each day we work to improve and learn. Our bedding is no different. Down used to be the standard, yet we found a way to improve upon it. Ogallala Comfort blends 30% milkweed fiber into all our bedding to create the healthiest night’s rest. Milkweed is a natural, hollow fiber that traps and suppresses allergens typically found in down- ensuring our products are naturally hypoallergenic. The incredible characteristics of milkweed fiber do not end there. The fiber is also hydrophobic, meaning that it wicks moisture away from your body (70% faster than a synthetic and 30% faster than down alone) to help regulate your body temperature as you sleep. By blending high quality white goose down with milkweed fiber, we have been able to provide the most breathable and luxurious bedding.

Integrity is the Core of Our Values

Our brand is incredibly proud of the products we create. We stand behind our craftsmanship and are always willing to ensure the happiness of our clients. Beyond our impeccable customer service, our brand partners with rural communities to collect milkweed pods ethically and responsibly. Through this process, we can provide additional income for families below poverty and protect Monarch Butterfly Habitat.