Why Ogallala Comfort?

Here at Ogallala Comfort, we are proud to have revolutionized the bedding industry with our natural and luxurious line of Ogallala® products.

Down alone is no longer the standard. It's time we raise our expectations and opt for a healthier night's rest that also benefits our environment. Ogallala® is an innovative combination of the finest White Goose Down and Milkweed Fibers. Products made with sustainably harvested Milkweed, turn our dreams into reality by preserving and restoring Monarch butterfly habitat across North America. 

Milkweed is not a synthetic, nor is it used as a down filler. It is the natural fiber from the milkweed plant and is non-treated. Milkweed traps and suppresses allergens found in down that cause allergic reactions; making the product naturally hypo-allergenic. Milkweed also makes the down more breathable, more durable, and helps regulate body temperature by wicking moisture AWAY from the body 70% faster than down by itself (or synthetic down). Ogallala® is the reason you can sleep comfortably all season long, even in the hot summer months!

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