4 Reasons You May Need A Mattress Enhancer

Ah, sleep. We can’t live without it, yet many of us struggle to get enough of it each night. So, what’s keeping us wide-eyed when we should be getting shut eye?
There are a number of reasons we’re not getting enough sleep—stress, insomnia, technology, work, pain, or even our spouses could be keeping us awake at night. While some of these sleep barriers require medical treatment or a change of routine, others may be helped by one thing—a mattress enhancer.
While it’s not a cure-all, Ogallala's mattress enhancer, the Hypodown Bed, could help you rest better if you’re experiencing any of these 4 common sleep problems:
Tossing and turning during the night.  
We learned from insomniac researchers that people toss and turn an average of 40-60 times per night. We think that’s too much! If finding a comfortable sleep position is keeping you from getting the rest you need, a mattress enhancer can help you toss and turn less. Ogallala's Hypodown Bed is designed fit to your body in order to help your muscles relax, so you can find a comfortable sleeping position—the first time.
Feeling achy and sore in the mornings. 
What you sleep on every night is important and affects how you feel in the morning. If you’re waking up with stiff and sore muscles, then your mattress could be to blame. Mattress enhancers can help eradicate morning soreness by cushioning your body’s pressure points while you sleep.
Chronic pain.
We get that there’s a difference between morning soreness and constant pain. While a mattress enhancer won’t cure chronic pain (we wish!), the extremely luxurious blend of Ogallala's signature Hypodown blend of white goose down and Syriaca fibers can make sleep more comfortable.  
Waking up repeatedly because you’re hot.
First, we’d suggest cutting the thermostat down before bedtime. Research has shown 65 degrees (or right around there) is the optimal temperature for sleeping. Why? A bedroom that’s too hot or cold disrupts the body’s normal sleep cycle which can cause you to wake up.  In addition, sweat is a natural mechanism our body uses to cool down. But it’s the evaporation of sweat that actually cools us. When we’re tucked under layers of blankets in a warm room, that process can’t happen correctly. So, we wake up warm and sweaty. Ick. Ogallala Hypodown Beds are partially filled with Syriaca fibers—a natural, hollow fiber from the milkweed plant. It helps increase the breathability of the mattress enhancer, while also wicking away moisture from the body for better temperature regulation. That means better sleep!

Remember, while a mattress enhancer can be helpful, creating a conducive sleep environment and adopting healthy sleep habits are equally crucial for promoting better sleep in the long run.