After you have wisely selected an Ogallala Comfort comforter and pillows, there are three more sustainable items you might want to consider purchasing to complete your perfect bed:

  1. A Duvet Cover & Coordinating Shams - A duvet cover will protect your Ogallala Comfort comforter. There are many organic options in a wide variety of styles, or you can have a custom duvet cover made at your local workroom with an eco-friendly fabric.
Sham pillows are spare pillows that usually sit in front of the sleeping pillows for aesthetic reasons, but they also make reading in bed much more comfortable. Make sure your sham pillow is the same size as, or larger than, your sleeping pillow. Ogallala Comfort’s Flora pillows are great for filling shams.
  1. Sheets - If you tend to be warm when sleeping, you might prefer crisp organic cotton percale sheets; if you tend to be cold you might prefer softer organic cotton sateen sheets. Some people enjoy percale in the summer and sateen or flannel in the winter.  Percale and sateen are typically both made of cotton.  The only difference is how they are woven.  Percale is woven “one over one” and sateen is usually woven “three over one”.  Flannel is brushed cotton.

  It’s a good idea to have at least two sets of sheets for each bed in case there is an accident, or the laundry doesn’t get done on time. It’s recommended that sheets be washed once a week or at least every two weeks according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Wash sheets only with other sheets. Other items can wear down the fibers during washing and reduce their lifespan.

  1. A Non-toxic Mattress - Last, but not least, the foundation for a perfect bed is a non-toxic mattress made without polyurethane foam, vinyl, PFCs/PFAS, adhesives, glues, pesticides or flame-retardant chemicals. Mattresses made with organic cotton, organic latex and/or organic wool (from sheep that have been well-treated) easily meet and exceed flammability standards without the need for toxic chemicals.  Moreover, they are more comfortable than mattresses made with petroleum-based foams, which tend to make people hot and sweaty.

Non-toxic mattresses are available in a wide variety of price points and comfort levels (from super firm to super plush). They can also be made with two separate comfort levels if you have a partner who needs a different comfort level. 


Adding a non-toxic mattress, organic sheets, and an eco-friendly duvet cover to your Ogallala Comfort comforter and pillows will complete your perfect bed!


- Barb Dornbush, Co-Founder Eco Rooms LLC