Stop Settling for 'eh' Sleep

Do you ever find yourself settling?

Far too often we settle for less than we deserve. We are too tired to change our routine or improve our situation, so we stop allowing ourselves to reach higher.

Crazy as it may seem, the best way to break out of the monotonous cycle is to get great sleep. We aren’t suggesting getting just 8 hours of sleep and calling it great, but getting 8 relaxing, peaceful, consecutive hours of rest. You shouldn’t have to wake up with a kink in your neck or toss and turn several times throughout the night until you find a position that is somewhat tolerable. It’s time to quit settling for “eh” sleep.

A key piece to finding your best night’s rest is your pillow. It’s so important to keep your neck in line with your spine as you sleep to prevent aches, pains and kinks.

How do you know which pillow is right for you? Answer these questions to ensure you get a pillow that sleeps the way you do.

Do you sleep on your:

  1. Stomach, Back or Both
  2. Back, Stomach & Side
  3. Primarily on your Side

Are you:

  1. Petite
  2. Average
  3. Broad

Do you want your pillow to:

  1. Conform to your body and be moldable
  2. Support your head but remain pliable
  3. Remain the same throughout the night

In the past, have you been most happy with pillows that are:

  1. Soft
  2. Medium
  3. Firm

Add up your numbers to determine which firmness is best suited for you. For example, I am 2., 2., 2., and 3., so my total would be 9 (Firm).

4-6 Points: Soft to Medium

If your score was between four- six points, you are a softy. Pillows with a soft to medium firmness will prevent your head from being raised too high and promote circulation by keeping your neck straight.

7-9 Points: Medium to Firm

If your score was between seven-nine, your sleeping habits require a little more support to keep the neck in line with the spine.

10-12 Points: Firm to Extra Firm

If your score was ten or more, you want a buoyant pillow that provides proper spine alignment.

If you still have questions about which pillow you should select, don’t worry. Contact one of our sleep specialists and they would be happy to assist you.

After all, the lives we lead are directly related not only to the quantity of hours we sleep but the quality. Don’t miss out on all life has to offer by hitting snooze on your best night’s rest.


- Marlee Waugh