Why It's Important to Unplug Before Bed

As technology advances, we tend to feel the need to stay more connected 24/7; checking our phones, emails, and apps just before bed. We may think that replying to an email at 10:30 at night is what is best for our sleep, but the truth is; it can wait. 

Using electronic devices before bed delays your body’s natural circadian rhythm or your “internal clock”. All the blue light that these screens give off trick your brain into thinking it should be awake & keep it stimulated instead of letting it wind down with the natural light outside.  It also in turn can suppress the amount of melatonin (a sleep inducing hormone) your body is producing, making it more difficult, and taking more time to fall asleep. This in turn impacts the amount and quality of REM sleep you get that night.  

So while we may think screen time is relaxing; over time these electronic devices can create poor habits & bad routines for your brain & hormones. Routinely not getting enough quality sleep can then lead to a multitude of other health issues.  

Research recommends shutting off electronics at least an hour before bed to help with your best sleep. If that seems hard to do, gradually work your way there in increments until you no longer feel the need for your electronics that close to bedtime.

Such small devices can make a huge impact on your sleep & ultimately your health & well being. 

The notifications can wait. That next episode will be there tomorrow. Your ebook will stay bookmarked. Give your thumb a rest from all the app scrolling & give your body the rest it needs. 

Unplug. Unwind. Renew. Start making good choices for better sleep.


-Blair Cissell